PCHS grants scholarship to needy but deserving students. This scholarships are granted by private citizens, government and civic organizations.

Academic Scholarship:

> Full scholarship is given to Valedictorian; and 50% discount on tuition fee is given to Salutatorian.
> Full scholarship is also given to student who maintains or has a general average
of 90% and above with no grade below 85%


Non-academic Scholarship

> CHED Scholarship
> Municipal Scholarship
> Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) Scholarship
> United States Veterans Affair (USVA) Scholarship
> Other scholarships granted by government and non-government organizations, private companies, cooperatives, foundations, health and life insurance company, etc.


Procedures in granting scholarships

For academic scholarship

  1. Apply directly at the Dean’s Office or Admission Department. Please bring the following documents: Formal letter or certification from your school principal indicating that you graduated as a valedictorian, salutatorian, with honor/distinction, other requirements as indicated in “Specific Requirements for Freshman” or new student.
  2. Formal interview will be conducted by the Dean or Admissions Committee.

For non-academic:

  1. The sponsoring agency or a person granting scholarship must submit a request letter addressed to the President thru the Dean.
  2. If application is approved, a notarized affidavit of support from a person granting scholarship must be submitted before the start of classes.
  3. A formal interview will be conducted by the Principal or Admissions Committee
  4. Failure to submit all necessary requirements will result in the cancellation of scholarship.


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